Our story, about how we started.


| Our beginning |

I started this idea of having a baby store when our baby girl was 8 months old. When she was starting to crawl here and there, starting to have toys, and starting solids. And because of all her tiny steps each day, we have bought many of her necessities online to cater for her needs. Firstly, we got obsessed with nice meal accessories like bowls, plates, bibs and etc. After that, we began to explore more on wooden toys with the idea of the durability and not only the aesthetics of wood but also the nature in which it is timeless. Ethical toys are what we are looking for. We want something that our baby can play as she grows, and something that can leads her to more imaginations, creativity and confidence. As we are sourcing from many handcrafted toy makers all round the world, we saw many enlivening stories of how they are inspired by their children, and all these gave me thoughts and strong passion to start on this exciting journey with The Tiny Steps.

When we are planning for this, we have been sourcing all over the world and we discovered that many of the great quality products are from families with kids, and they all have one thing in common which is the love for their kids, to have the best thing from the world.

Most parents get excited when they shop for their baby, styling them and finding the good quality products for them. 

In Malaysia, we always shop online from the overseas market due to limited choices in local, and often bears expensive delivery charges. And this is why, this gives us the idea to bring in quality items that we love and to share them with our community.

| Our range |

At The Tiny Steps, we curate varieties of baby and toddler goods that we would personally bring to our home. We only bring in items which we have tried, and love them. We hope to carry a full range of items. Whether it’s for play, wear, eat, learn, or even nursery decor. We hope to share the best with you. We hope that those who share the same thoughts as us will find something worthwhile to add to your home.

Thank you for trusting us and supporting our humble business.