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GoBabyGo - Non-Slip Socks (Bamboo)

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RM 41.31
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RM 41.31
Regular price
RM 45.90

If you are looking for a thinner sock, try our GoBabyGo non-slip socks in bamboo cotton with rubber pads under the feet and on the toes. 

GoBabyGo non-slip socks made of thin bamboo with non-slip soles and rubber pads on the toes are for children who like to crawl, run, and walk without slipping. This improves the child's motor skills, balance, and self-confidence

What’s the benefit of these baby socks?

  • They have rubber pads under the feed and on the toes to provide stability on smooth surface.
  • Strengthens the child's motoric skills, balance, and self-confidence
  • Tested and approved for harmful chemicals and pollutants
  • Danish design, produced in Europe and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified
  • Super soft and perfect for sensitive baby skin