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Doddl Children Plate

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Designed to intuitively teach your child to eat successfully from a plate, all by themselves, in minutes, boosting confidence at every mealtime.

Biodegradable with expert design features. High quality with a ‘grown up’ look. Helps transition from a bowl to a plate. Easy to use and dishwasher safe. Helps develop key motor skills. Highly recommended by experts and parents.

Engineered for a child: The wide flat front offers easy access to food with cutlery, with more of the plate sitting in front of your child. Splat focuses your child’s eye on to the middle of the plate, where chopping should take place.

Intuitive to use: The gently raised back helps keep food on the plate and offers your child a surface to push their food against as they start to practise cutlery skills.

Non-slip base: Base has a non-slip rim, keeping the plate stable and in position.

Recommended by Experts: Highly recommended by Feeding & Development Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists and parents.