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Mini Dinosaur set III

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Animal figurines is always  a childhood favourite and all kids love animals. They boost your little one's development, creativity and imagination.  They are very useful as a part of storytelling to improve visual and tactile development. They can even project themselves to be imaginary characters and interact with their playmates, encouraging social development.

Consist of:

Alamosaurus, Argentinosaurus, Pliosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Utahraptor, Guidraco, Iguanodon, Mapusaurus, Mercuricerartops, Oviraptor

•Comes in a hard acrylic box for easy storage (Box Dimension: 27cm x 4.2cm)
•High quality non-toxic PVC
•Painted with toxic-free acrylic paint.
•Created with the help of a famous UK paleoimagery.