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Storgē Wetbags

Regular price
RM 70.40
Sale price
RM 70.40
Regular price
RM 88.00

Your daily multi purpose bag wet bags

We have just improved our wetbags to make your everyday travel more comfortable. Now made of 100% organic cotton fabric with waterproof inner lining for extra protection against spills, dust and stains. Our premium wetbags are made suitable for babies and adults.

Use our wetbags to keep your bags clean and dry. Whether it’s swimming, a day at a beach, a work out day, school or storing your breast pump parts, we trust you will find this handy!

Reusable and machine washable.

2 pockets using Ykk zippers.

2 snap buttons for two-way handle (top & side).


Large size: 29 by 38cm

Medium size: 28 by 29cm