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Baby Bibs

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RM 47.20
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RM 47.20
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RM 59.00

A lightweight, waterproof baby bib featuring a Pierrot collar, a lined front pocket and velcro fastening on the back.

It is made of the softest, sturdiest OEKO-TEX certified polyester that resists stains and is easily wiped clean on the go or in the washing machine with laundry bag.

  • 26cm X 36cm
  • Suitable for children from 6 months old
  • 100% OEKO-TEX certified baby safe polyester

  • Surface clean after each use under running water and gentle soap to remove grease and stains
  • Hang dry completely before storing away
  • Wash with similar colours

  • For more stubborn stains, machine washed in 40 degree C with laundry bag.
  • Do not tumble dry
Do not bleach

  • Do not iron